Carbon Affair

there was a time when I gave you my heart with a tear,
the secret is I let you be with my carbon affair



Holla, I’m Georgie. This is my fanlisting collective.

I used to own over a hundred fanlistings at once. It was fun. And it was pretty addictive. I soon got over it because there was just no point keeping a ton of little fansites and dedicating my time to them. I felt my time was better spent with less projects, and more time spent on each. I guess in that period of time from 2009 to 2012, I found fanlistings less interesting. There didn’t need to be a fanlisting for every single little thing I liked.

Besides, I tend to like extremely obscure stuff, and I felt like I was purposely looking for things to make a fanlisting for. The stuff I really loved seemed less special when I did that. So in liking really obscure things, there was less of a chance that fanlistings would exist for said obscure things. It became less about networking and uniting fans, and more about being the biggest and only fan of some ridiculous entity. I mean, of course no one had heard of The Quantocks Quartet by Ruth Elwin Harris, it’s a rare vintage coming-of-age/bildungsroman book series that no one gives a crap about among all the fantasy fiction novels of today.

Which is a little sad, and I closed that fanlisting anyway. (It only had two members, and one of them was me.) But that’s what makes these little things special, you know? They hold a place in your heart and in your mind and only in your heart and in your mind. Not on some glorified web page written in HTML, or even HTML5.

So there ends my little anecdote. It took me three hours to code my closed fanlistings page because it kept looking like a very long obituary.

I now have 22 fanlistings.

The title of this collective comes from the Hey Geronimo song of the same name, Carbon Affair. Also, there is a reason why I haven’t created a fanlisting for Hey Geronimo1.

My collective was previously located at Eyethief(.com). I also had fanlistings listed at,, and They were all very short-lived hubs.

1. I am their number one fan. Pete said so. · @georgiecel · blog