About Amy & Rory

Amy Pond was the first companion of the Eleventh Doctor. She grew up in a small village in England, away from her native Scotland, and lived with her aunt due to the unexplained loss of her parents. She first meets the Doctor in her childhood when, due to a strange crack in her wall, she wishes for help and the newly regenerated Doctor crashes into her backyard. She next encounters the Doctor twelve years later when he helps save their town. When he returns, two years have passed and Amy begins travelling with the Doctor the day before her wedding.

Rory Williams is the second companion to the Eleventh Doctor. He himself is a nurse, and as kids, indulged Amy with her games about the ’Raggedy Doctor’; but, with growing up, put it down to make believe. Amy neglects to tell the Doctor that Rory is her fiancee and that she has doubts about their wedding. Eventually, Rory gets drawn into the TARDIS when the Doctor decides to take them both to Venice to mend their relationship.

Following their wedding, Amy and Rory continue to travel with the Doctor, who sees them as his closest friends, and their relationship is constantly tested.

Why I love Amy & Rory

Many people absolutely hate Amy and Rory, but I completely disagree. I absolutely adore Rory and Amy. Over series 5, 6 and now with 7 starting… I just honestly feel like their relationship has grown so much. We’ve seen so much from these two lovers, best friends and soulmates. They were just destined to be together. I love their relationship because seeing its dynamic and seeing how they get through just about everything is incredible. They go from a base of being friends, trusting each other more than anything, and going on to keep that trust.

I know it’s a bit strange but I like the fact that they’re an unlikely couple; with Amy being so gorgeous and lovable and all the guys wanting her - to know that ultimately she fell in love with her best friend. You get all these doubts about their love in the beginning, but you’re just shown that no relationship is perfect. I love the way they were written into the show. So many people say they’re sick of the couple but I can’t get enough of their love. It’s real. I mean - we expect Doctor Who to be sci-fi and saving the world, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen any kind of “real” relationship between any two people.

This is why I get so annoyed at people saying that Amy and Rory are boring, they’re sick of them... Perhaps it’s because it’s too much like real life, seeing the troubles they go through. But that’s the truth, which I think people are always trying to deny. They just don’t want to admit that they see a bit of themselves in Amy and Rory. Amy can be irrational, Rory can be insecure. I feel like anyone would be able to relate to one of the two, or to their behaviour in their relationship in some way.

I adore this couple because it’s just obvious that they’re in love, no matter what they go through. There are so many things they go through - travelling with the Doctor, trusting the Doctor, arguing about things - things that a lot of people would have trouble getting through in real life without losing trust. But they go through everything and trust each other. The fact that they care about each other even when they act like they don’t - it just makes them so much stronger in the end. Their relationship is by no means perfect. But it’s not superficial.

The show explores a lot of their relationship and I just love how Moffat has written them in. It is so much of a challenge to write love into such a show, but he does it without overdoing it. We’ve seen - well, we’ve seen Rose and the Doctor, and I just did not feel that kind of love was really connected. Amy and Rory bring a new dynamic and even expose traits from the Doctor that we would otherwise not see. It’s just beautiful the way they, in a way, have taught the Doctor more about real life, and they’ve stood by his side as he has theirs.