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Armor For Sleep formed in 2001 and disbanded in 2009. Ben Jorgensen, lead vocalist and guitarist, wrote the early Armor songs on an acoustic guitar and released several demos. He partnered with Anthony DiIonno for quite some time before PJ DeCicco and Nash Breen joined them after being in a previously unsuccessful band. Together they became Armor For Sleep.

Ben Jorgensen stated that the name stemmed from his passion towards writing and the fact that he was not able to sleep. He began writing music and it became his "armor for sleep".

Armor's songs were mostly alternative rock, however ventured into emo and dream pop. Ben Jorgensen was the brains of the band, writing the lyrics and composing all Armor songs.

New-York based independent label Equal Vision Records signed the band up, and their first album Dream To Make Believe was recorded in August 2002. The album was released in 2003 and its themes include the dream world, sleepwalking and how to keep the things you want as long as you stay asleep.

What To Do When You Are Dead was released in 2005 and became very successful. This was also a concept album with each song telling the story of the protagonist's suicide as well as his journey through the afterlife. The initial copies of the CD came with a bonus DVD featuring live footage of the band and several music videos.

Armor for Sleep signed to Warner Brothers/Sire Records in 2006 to release their third record, explaining it was "time for a change". Their third album was titled Smile For Them and was released in 2007. "Hold The Door" received airplay on several independent radio stations, and the band opened up for Linkin Park on the Projekt Revolution tour to promote the release. "End of the World" featured on the Transformers soundtrack.

An EP titled The Way Out Is Broken was released in 2008, and an unreleased track titled "Chameleons" was posted online for free download. "Caught In a Daze", the original version of "Run Right Back In" from Smile For Them, found its way onto the internet years later.

The band sadly broke up in 2009. Ben Jorgensen released a statement informing fans of the breakup. After not touring for over a year, it was inevitable. Ben Jorgensen also stated that "there are no Armor songs left for me to write".