About Ben Jorgensen

Ben Jorgensen was the lead singer and songwriter of New Jersey band Armor For Sleep, who sadly disbanded in 2009. He was the brains of the band, writing all lyrics and songs from 2001 when he was in college. When the band broke up he explained “there are no more Armor songs left for me to write”.

Born on the 4th July (American Independence day) 1983, Ben currently resides in New Jersey. He is of German, Danish and Japanese descent and is also Jewish. Though Armor For Sleep did not rise to mainstream fame, Ben is well known among his fans for his insomnia, terrible sleeping patterns, his cute pooch Nushi and his caring and genuine attitude to his fans. He takes time out to talk to his fans online and offline, and also takes an interest in science and things related to space.

Prior to Armor For Sleep, Ben played drums in the punk band Random Task. He partnered with Anthony DiIonno and soon later, PJ DeCicco and Nash Breen, and together they became Armor For Sleep. Ben said that the name was thought up because writing songs kept him going at night, and they were like his “armor for sleep”.

Ben briefly worked on an electric-pop project called God Loves A Challenge with vocalist Sierra Shardae. They released several songs via their MySpace page and had a few shows in New Jersey before calling it quits.

Ben released a solo EP of five songs in 2010, titled There Is Nowhere Left To Go. He made it clear that the title bore no link with his departure from Armor For Sleep. The EP is an acoustic, stripped-down version of his usual works, honouring his wonderful vocal and writing ability. It has been said to be reminiscent of early Armor For Sleep works.

Ben’s first solo tour was in Australia where he travelled to parts of New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Victoria with several supporting acts. This was followed by some shows in the United States.

Ben is engaged to actress Katrina Bowden. The two have been engaged since early 2012. In late 2012, Armor For Sleep held a farewell tour in the United States, which included a show in their home state New Jersey.

Not only is he a wonderful (and versatile) singer and songwriter, but he sings with such emotion, has brooding good looks and is dedicated, kind and warm-hearted. For that, he is truly an amazing, inspirational person.

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