Keep on Pickin’

Welcome to Keep on Pickin’, the only fanlisting for guitar picks/plectrums approved at This fanlisting is listed under the Music Miscellany category.

If you’re a fan of guitar picks, feel free to join! Everyone is welcome to join.


Owner: Georgie
Last updated: 21st July 2017
Member count: 38 (0 pending), from 15 countries
Newest members: Romeo


A couple of years down the track and I’ve moved the fanlisting. It’s no surprise but I am moving all my fanlistings to a new collective. The layout isn’t new, but I’ve coded it in HTML5, cleaned up all my CSS and also updated some of the pages and styles. It’s definitely the start of some new good habits. :) I’ve checked members’ websites and if they were broken links, they were removed. All members and affiliates have been notified about the new URL.

Keep on Pickin’ is one year old today! To celebrate, there is a new layout up and the site has had a small makeover. :) New members and affiliates are welcomed!

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