This fanlisting opened on the 24th April 2009 and was approved by The Fanlistings Network. Noticing that there wasn’t a fanlisting for the wonderful accessory for guitars – guitar picks, I applied. This was the first fanlisting I created and I don’t plan on closing it any time soon.

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About guitar picks

Guitar picks, or plectrums, are used mostly on guitars, but can be used on various stringed instruments. Picks can be made of plastic, rubber, felt, tortoiseshell, wood, metal, glass and stone. The shape of guitar picks vary but most are the shape of an isosceles triangle with rounded corners.

Picks vary in thickness, to accommodate different playing styles and kinds of strings. Thinner picks are often more flexible, and give a muddier sound on electric guitars, even though they break easily. Thicker picks are used to produce more delicate and controlled tone.

Guitar picks usually have logos - they can have the band logo of the musician, or the brand or manufacturer. The most widely known name on a pick is of Fender Guitars.

As a guitar player, I adore guitar picks and I collect them — they’re like a guitarist’s weak spot. We can have endless amounts of them. I personally wear a guitar pick necklace, which is a little like my lucky charm. I created it myself many years ago and teamed it with a fishbone charm, and have worn it since 2005.