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Welcome to Illusion and Dream, a fanlisting for Finnish rock band Poets of the Fall. This fanlisting is approved at under the Musicians: Bands/Groups category.

Poets of the Fall began around 2003, formed by Marko Saaresto and Olli Tukiainen. The band’s first single Late Goodbye was released in 2004. Not much later that year, they released their second single Lift, which was soon followed by their debut Signs of Life album. Now, with multiple Finnish music awards under their belt and a total of five successful albums encompassing a broad range of rock genres and utilising various musical elements — we can only hope for more from Poets.

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Gave the fanlisting a much-needed new layout, with some very lovely webfonts from Google. All the images are from the official POTF website. I didn't intend on changing the old layout too much but I do love how this one turned out, and that it has a similar scrapbook-like style. :) I’ve emailed all members and affiliates; now it is time to send in a moved form to TFL.

Edited the layout a bit. I changed the background a few weeks ago so it wasn’t as noisy. I made some changes to the CSS this time around so there are some font changes. I’ve also added some new link buttons and a site page.

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