The fanlisting

The primary purpose of Vieuphoria is to serve as a fanlisting. The site was opened in October 2010, and was approved by — the original web directory for fanlistings. A fanlisting is simply as the name suggests — a list of fans. Fanlistings are open for fans all around the world to join and are dedicated to a certain subject, in this case the band The Smashing Pumpkins.

If you're a fan, please consider joining the fanlisting! The only requirements to join are your name, email address and country. Email addresses do not need to be displayed unless you choose to (email addresses are protected by anti-spam measure).

Note: You do not need a website to join, but if you have a website and would like it to be listed on the fanlisting, please link back to either with a text link or one of the buttons available at this website.